Flakes System

The flakes system has a proven track record in high-traffic environments like garages, commercial kitchens, and warehouses. It is also commonly used to replicate terrazzo effects, offering improved traction and reduced slippage. The flakes can be applied partially or fully broadcasted, with varying levels of quality to cater to specific anti-slippage requirements.

To enhance durability and prevent yellowing, our UV-protected floors are finished with a clear polyaspartic top coat, which not only adds a glossy finish but also provides additional protection.

Explore our range of pre-selected color combinations or unleash your creativity by customizing your own color scheme. The possibilities are endless!

NOTE: Colors shown are approximate representations only. Actual results will vary.


  • Durable – Resinous flooring systems offer superior chemical and abrasion resistance compared to pre-engineered floors.
  • Decorative – FLAKE enhances high-performance flooring with custom color and texture to suit any environment.
  • Economical – FLAKE resinous flooring systems offer a cost-effective alternative to pre-engineered floors.
  • Safe – FLAKE resinous flooring enhances slip resistance and safety with its orange-peel texture.
  • Hygienic – Resinous flooring systems are wax-free and easy to clean with soap and water.
  • Seamless – Resinous flooring ensures a seamless, hygienic surface that remains free from dirt, moisture, and germs.
  • Flexible – Resinous flooring systems offer a noise-dampening surface for foot traffic and carts.
  • Renewable – Efficiently revive your resinous floor by sanding the surface and applying a new topcoat after years of use.